Monday, February 22, 2016

My current computer

I first purchased or my parents first purchased I should say my current laptop right after i graduated high school in the summer of 2013. They took me to best buy and told me to pick out whatever laptop i wanted within a reasonable price. I saw a laptop on a commercial that was a PC. It doubled as a laptop and a tablet meaning you could detach the screen from the computer as use it as a tablet. To be honest I didn't know exactly what I wanted in a computer only that i wanted it to be a PC and I wanted it to be fast. Of course with the obvious that I wanted to take it to school and not have it be too heavy. I didn't know to much about computers, so my Dad checked to make sure the computer would be efficient. At first I didn't like my computer. It was slow and i wasn't quite sure how to work it. I would just use our desktop computer at home for all my work. My sister would use my computer for Netflix and all sorts of other things. What ended up happening was she put a bunch of viruses on my laptop which was the reason for its slow performance. So my Dad took it to get fixed along with my desktop computer, which would later crash and nothing could be done to fix it. So after the crash of the desktop I began to use my laptop which I now love and use all the time. I don't ever let my sister use it for fear of a repeat episode. I really love the touch screen on my computer. since my phone is a touch screen, it's out of habit that I touch computer screens. So I like that when I touch mine it actually works.  My computer could use some improvements though. I wish it didn't freeze as often. Sometimes I wish it was a Mac, because they seem to be more reliable computers. However mine serves it intial purpose and for that I'm really thankful.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Technology in TV shows

My current favorite show to watch on television is Sherlock. There is quite a bit of technology used in the show since it takes place in present day, however not too much of it is used by Sherlock himself. He mostly uses his cellphone and anything found in the lab. His cellphone is very important. He uses it to contact John whenever he needs something or is working on a case whether it be important or not. He uses it to contact his homeless network which he believes to be more useful then the police at times. He uses it to contact Inspector Lestrade when working on cases. He also uses it, but on the rare occasion, to contact his brother with whom he has an interesting relationship with. Sherlock can also send texts to a room of people at the same time always leaving the police wondering how he did that. The cellphone comes into a huge play when Irene Adler has all her information "protection" she calls it on her cellphone. Sherlock doesn't really watch television or listen to music on the radio which is very opposite for the normal person at this day in age. I believe it to show his character and how he doesn't take part in those things, but instead plays the violin and is constantly bettering his mind. Later on we meet the famous Moriarty who uses technology for his schemes. For example he uses an app on his phone to have the most heavily guarded places in London broken into, which we later learn is just a signal to people who carry it out for him. He is later arrested for such acts and put on trial where he rigs the jury to declare him innocent by contacting them in their hotel rooms on the TV saying if they don't their loved ones will die. Finally at the end when you think is dead and gone, he appears on every TV screen in Britain. Sorry if that's a spoiler alert! As you can tell I'm obsessed with this show.